What are Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

A variety of Cannabis that crosses Ruderalis with Sativa and Indica is called autoflowering. Due to Ruderalis genetics, it does not depend on the photoperiod and therefore blooms automatically. Typically 27 to 45 days is the duration of its period. Vegetative and its flowering can vary between 30 to 45 days. An ordinary seed takes about 2 to 3 months in the vegetative period and 2 to 3 months in the flowering period. On the other hand, autoflowering marijuana seeds take a total of about three months.

There are many varieties, hybridized between them or genetically mixed with regular plants to obtain part of their characteristics, preserving the autoflowering property.

The autoflowering cannabis plant can be male or female, so if you have little growing space and don’t want to waste time or money on male plants, you can choose feminized automatic seeds. With this strain, you are guaranteed that you will have a female cannabis plant that will give you magnificent fruits full of brilliant resin. 

History of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Back in the 70s, a time of significant milestones in the history of Cannabis, they began to experiment with hybrids with Ruderalis. One of those banks was Sensi Seeds. However, the first strains that were created did not give the expected results. Since they gave minimal yield, and people appreciate their aroma and flavor little. 

It wasn’t until the preliminary period of the 21st century when the first Autoflowering seed arrived. The Lowrider, created by The Joint Doctor, results in a long time of experimentation between Ruderalis and other strains. This cannabis plant was also not to the liking of cannabis growers as it was tiny, although quite resistant to inclement weather. Scientists carried out further research to obtain feminized automatic machines; one of the pioneer banks in achieving this was Dinafem.

Over the years and after several generations of marijuana plants, the genetics of autoflowering plants have improved: they have a better aroma and flavor, greater production, and larger plants.

Although their sale began a little earlier, it was not until 2010, when they began to find their place among cannabis growers when they verified that they were efficient and easy-to-grow varieties. Nowadays, no one doubts that they are an option capable of obtaining crops even in adverse climates.


Characteristics of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering weed seeds give rise to smaller plants than those grown from regular or feminized seeds, they have a short growing cycle, and their production is also lower. Typically, they take 18 to 25 days to flower and can be harvested within three months.

By having the genetics of Cannabis Sativa Ruderalis, a variety of Cannabis from Russia and Central Asia, they are very resistant cannabis plants, which withstand the cold well and are not so delicate. Besides, they tend to be less affected by pests since their growing cycle is shorter.

The first varieties of autoflowering seeds produced quite small plants, but it has been possible to obtain larger hybrids and better genetics with the different crosses.

You can find autoflowering seeds as feminized, super auto, or regular on our website. You can find different varieties from the best seed banks.


Cultivation of Autoflowering Weed Seeds

As we have already mentioned, autoflowering seed plants do not depend on the photoperiod for their flowering. With a minimum of 5 hours of sun a day, we could complete the growing cycle without any problem. However, we do have to follow some guidelines so that our plants give us the best performance both indoors and outdoors. Production is directly related to the amount of sunshine the plants receive. Therefore, the lighter they receive during their life cycle, the greater the harvest and its quality.

As with feminized ones, it is best to avoid transplants. As you know, with each transplant, the plant becomes stressed, and its growth slows until it adapts to the new pot. This paralysis in its development can take a few days, and in the case of autoflowering Cannabis, you cannot afford to lose that time due to its short growing cycle. Every day you lose is the day your plant stops growing. Your goal always has to be to have a vigorous cannabis plant.

Once you have rooted the plant born from the seed, you must plant it in the definitive pot and let it grow and flourish there, without changing it until harvest.

We recommend that the pot is approximately 18 liters since it has to be the definitive pot, and this size is perfect for this variety. It allows the roots to develop and Cannabis to thrive during all phases of cultivation.

You will be able to find the pots you need for your indoor cannabis cultivation. We also have white and light-colored pots more suitable for growing outdoors.

Germination of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

You can use the same method with any cannabis seed to germinate from autoflowering marijuana seeds. Place them between moistened tissues or paper napkins in an opaque container away from light. You should check that the paper is always wet without being soaked. After a few days, the radicle (root) will appear.

Remember that it is not advisable to use cotton for germination since the radicle can become tangled and split when we remove it for planting. If you think that transplanting the newly sprouted seed can be problematic, you can germinate it in a rock wool plug that you can plant directly in the pot.

Traditionally, cannabis growers germinated directly in the definitive pot. If you are interested in experimenting, you can try it, although the methods we have explained above are much more effective.


The substrate is a fundamental part of the crop, so you have to choose the most suitable and quality one so that our marijuana plant grows perfectly. As we have already mentioned, the automatic ones develop quickly, so you have to provide them with a substrate that favors rooting and oxygenation.

You have several to choose from, but coconut fiber is perfect for promoting aeration. You can choose to add it to the soil or grow it directly in the coconut. It is also advisable that if we choose soil, we add perlite to the pot’s bottom to facilitate drainage, avoid excess water, and not drown the roots.

Nutrients for Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Both outdoors and indoors, it is advisable to provide rooting at the beginning of the vegetative phase and fertilizers during the growth cycle. Exercise caution will be helpful. Moreover, the use of adequate fertilizer will also help the plant. These varieties have a short growing cycle, so we recommend that you be cautious with fertilizers. Remember that it is always advisable to decrease the dose recommended by the manufacturer slightly.

If you have chosen coconut as a substrate, you have to consider that it is an inert material, and it is better that you add a specific fertilizer. A good option is to use organic fertilizers since they do not leave residues and respect the environment. They are especially recommended during flowering since you guarantee that your buds will be free of any chemical residue.

When there are two weeks to harvest, we can start washing the roots. It is about watering your plants only with water to drain and release all the waste accumulated during the previous weeks. We can also use a specific product to clean the roots without having to water so much. The cleaning solutions that you will find in the section.

This step is essential if you have used chemical fertilizers. If we leave remains, we will notice it when smoking because it will itch our throat and cause us to cough. We will also lose quality in the aroma and flavor.

Irrigation for Cannabis Seeds

It is important to water only when necessary. Overwatering can rot the roots as it prevents oxygen circulation. Marijuana plants stop growing and may even die. The cannabis plant can resist even if it is a bit dry, but when growing feminized auto-flowers, we have to be very careful because we run the risk of them becoming hermaphroditic.

As you know, the frequency of irrigation depends on several factors, such as the plant’s size or the temperature. Before watering, we should check the substrate’s condition. Maybe the first layer of soil is dry, but the interior is still wet. 

Irrigation water should not be too hard or high in chlorine and lime. The proper pH would be between 5.7 and 6.5. Some meters can help you monitor the water hardness. If the result you get is not adequate, you can use specific products to increase or decrease the water’s acidity level. The pH level is important for our plants to assimilate nutrients correctly.

Another parameter that we must monitor is electroconductivity (EC), which is the number of mineral salts in the water. The digital meters you will find in the online store will help you obtain precise parameters. Electroconductivity affects the ability of the marijuana plant to assimilate nutrients. These levels must be at the correct point during all phases of cultivation. 

EC levels will vary depending on the cultivation phase you are in:

Germination phase and cuttings: 0.4.

Vegetative phase: varies between 0.9 and 1.2.

Flowering phase: the EC increases to 2.1.

The fattening phase also depends on the variety that we have planted, but we can go up to 2.4 indoors and even a little more outdoors.

If you use organic fertilizers, the EC readings can be wrong or give much lower results. The water temperature should not be cold. Ideally, it should be around 20 degrees.


Outdoor Cultivation of Autoflowering Marijuana

If we are going to grow our crops outdoors, it is better to take advantage of the sunniest months so that the cannabis plants have better weather conditions and achieve higher production. However, if we live in areas where the weather is not too hot or sunny, the autoflowering strain is ideal for us to grow Cannabis outdoors. If you live in Spain’s north, this is the best option because you can collect more than one harvest a year.

Since these cannabis plants do not depend on the photoperiod, if you live in a region with a temperate climate (above 0 degrees), you will be able to grow during the winter months without having to protect them in a greenhouse.

We recommend that you be careful about where you are going to grow. If you can’t guarantee the hours of complete darkness due to light pollution, go for regular autoflowering seeds. You will only have to discard the male plants at the time of pre-flowering. Feminized auto-flowers can have the same hermaphroditism problem as any feminized seed.


Indoor Autoflowering Cannabis Cultivation

If we grow autoflowering seeds indoors, you have to give them 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness, although there are other options such as increasing to 20/4 if you want a faster development. Some growers choose to cut back to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to save on the electricity bill. However, this affects the plant’s growth since the more hours of light they receive, the greater their vigor and performance.

The ambient humidity level should be between 40 and 60% and a temperature around 25ºC, being able to reach 28ºC as a maximum. You have to be attentive to the growth so that the foliage does not burn with the lamps.


Intensive Cultivation of Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Both autoflowering and supercar cannabis strains can be subjected to intensive cultivation techniques such as LST (Low-Stress Training), ScrOG (Screen of Green), or SOG (Sea of ​​Green). These techniques are reserved for cannabis growers with some experience when handling the plants. We can cause them some damage.

Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Growing autoflowering marijuana seeds has many advantages. The first is that you don’t have to worry about changing the photoperiod for them to flourish. In this way, you can have them even with 24 hours of light throughout the crop.

Nor should you ‘eat the coconut’ due to light pollution on balconies and terraces. Moreover, you can grow outdoors throughout the year! They are also harvested in about two months from germination, so their cycle is faster than that of photo-dependent ones.

Currently, there are many banks where you can buy cheap autoflowering seeds. Our experts have selected the best to ensure the highest quality in all our products. An autoflowering seed bank must have stable genetics.

And the thing is that if growers who plant autoflowering marijuana seeds complain about something, it is size and flavor. The first generations of these strains kept the harsh taste of rudelaris genetics, the subspecies of Cannabis from which the autoflowering gene is obtained.

The autoflowering seeds were also characterized by being reduced in size. These plants need to cultivate optimal conditions to achieve good height and leafiness by having a limited growth cycle.

They have now managed to create varieties of simple cultivation, better flavor, and a more powerful morphology. If you carefully care for them, you can obtain abundant harvests throughout the year. By crossing them with their best photo dependent varieties and selecting the best specimens, we can now find cheap and high-quality autoflowering cannabis seeds.