How to Smoke Marijuana:  There are many varieties and ways to explore beyond the humble joint or bong. There are many varieties and ways to explore beyond the humble joint or bong. And, if you think you’ve tried everything, chances are there is something on this list that surprises you.

We have searched the networks and our personal experiences for all the weird, wonderful, and effective ways to smoke marijuana.

22 Different Ways to Use Cannabis: Learn How to Smoke Weed

1. Consume Marijuana with Apple

Apples tend to be a staple in warehouses worldwide – so why not turn one into a pipe? You can use a whole apple or slices, although the entire apple is the easiest method. Using a pen, carve a hole in the middle of the apple’s core and then another in the side so that the two holes meet in the center of the fruit. Place the dried marijuana bud on top of the apple and inhale through the hole on the side. Although the apple does not affect the taste of cannabis, it is a great way to avoid inhaling burnt slips.

2. Take Cannabis with Blunt

It’s like a joint, only bigger. Rolled up with a few extra standard slips or special blunt slips, which are larger and stronger, blunts are a great way to consume more marijuana.

3. Bong for Smoke Marijuana

People, also called water pipes, are large pipes with a water chamber designed to cool the smoke before it reaches the lungs. Bongs are said to produce a smoother smoking experience, which helps bring out terpenes’ natural profile. Usually made of glass, bongs are not the most portable smoking accessory. But they can be an attractive decoration on your coffee table.

4. Use Bowl to Consume Marijuana

The bowl is the part of the pipe that contains marijuana, hashish, or other combustible materials. Typically located at the end of pipes, it comes as a separate structure. Some bowls come equipped with cloth filters at the bottom to prevent burning plant material from traveling through the pipe into the lungs.

5. Bubbler for Marijuana Smokers

A smaller pipe, which is similar to a water pipe, refers to a Bubbler. Often made of glass and a water chamber, the bubblers offer the same benefits as a bong, producing smoke cooled and allowing a better appreciation of smoked marijuana’s subtle aroma and flavors of smoke marijuana.

Unlike water pipes, the bubblers tend more portable. Additionally, they have smaller sizes.

6. Chalice: The Pipe that Makes Consuming Marijuana Easy

Also known as “The Chalice of Wisdom” or ” Chillum, “this pipe is used by Rastafarians as part of a spiritual practice. This hookah can be made from various materials, often with a coconut-shaped bowl, a ceramic pot for marijuana, and a ceramic grate. They also have a bamboo stick shaped like a mouthpiece. While a goblet is similar to a hookah, it works more like a vaporizer, as the bud heats up but doesn’t burn, resulting in steam rather than smoke.

7. Corn husks

With their papery texture, corn husks can be a great option for rolling a joint. Corn husks are available primarily in the fall, during the harvest season. Although they are thicker than the typical rolling papers available in stores, they can be a great alternative for those looking for a totally organic smoke. For best results, select corn husks that have been grown organically.

8. Dabbing for Cannabis Users

Dabbing is a concentrated form of cannabis obtained using a solvent such as butane or propane. Like any concentrated, the dabbing is highly potent and generally contains between 50% and 95% of THC.

We can use a wide range of dabbing methods and equipment. The process involves heating the concentrate with a blowtorch until it produces vapor, which is then inhaled.

9. Vaporizer for Marijuana Users

More commonly known as a vape, vaporizers are reusable joints. They work by heating a marijuana product, often a cannabis oil concentrate, to a point where the cannabinoids release vapor, which is then inhaled. The vapes are generally more discreet than other forms of smoking marijuana; they are believed to produce fewer carcinogens than regular joints and offer a more potent and flavorful experience.

10. Consume Marijuana with Empty Cigarette

Sometimes rolling a joint on paper can be difficult. By emptying the tobacco from a tobacco cigarette, marijuana can be added in its place, or a combination of tobacco and cannabis. Using an empty cigarette can also relieve you of the need to roll up your filter, as most cigarettes come with their built-in.

11. Gas Mask

You can buy gas masks in some hardware stores that come with a built-in bong and a tube that goes to your mouth. The idea is to add the bud and smoke the bong as you normally would. But the smoke remains in the gas mask instead of dispersing.

Basically, it’s similar to a hot box for your face. While this may sound great, some people wonder if investing in a gas mask is worth it: the smoke you exhale is largely inert, as most of the cannabinoids will have already been absorbed into your lungs on the first inhale. But a gas mask is a fun accessory to wear to a party.

12. Consume Cannabis with Gravity Bong

Just as a beer bong is designed to pump a large amount of beer into someone’s stomach, a gravity bong is designed to push smoke into the lungs. Also called a geeb, the gravity bong works by submerging a smoke-filled chamber in water, with the water forcing the smoke into the consumer’s lungs. The inhalation form a gravity pipe is much more intense than that from a normal bong.

13. Hookah / Hookah: Traditional Way of Smoking Marijuana

The Hookas are traditionally used for smoking shisha or flavored snuff. However, hookahs work very well for marijuana, and they work in a similar way to bongs. The smoke is drawn through a chamber of water before flowing into the pipes, from which several can come out in a single hookah. The marijuana is put in a bowl above the water chamber. Then the bowl is covered with aluminum foil and heated with hookah charcoal on top.

14. Hot Knives

Hot knives use a cannabis concentrate, usually hashish, placed on a heated metal surface to produce vapor that is then inhaled. These are often used to heat on a stove or using a blowtorch.

There are many techniques for using hot knives; One method is to cut a plastic bottle in half, place the hot knife and hash under the bottle, and then inhale through the bottle’s mouth. It helps ensure that your mouth or face doesn’t get too close to the knife, which can cause burns.

15. Joint

Across America and elsewhere, joints are the quintessence of marijuana. The dried and ground bud is placed in the fold of a rolling paper, and a filter is placed on the end. A sticky strip on one side of the rolling paper allows you to seal the joint and smoke it safely. A common mistake is overfilling joints or rolling them too tight – there should be enough airflow between the buds to facilitate combustion. Turn on and enjoy!

16. One-Hitter (Pipa a Puff)

one-hitter is a tube designed to hold enough marijuana for a single inhalation. They come in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, from wood to glass. These pipes are portable, discreet, and a great way to get a quick dose of marijuana without having to store your joints half-smoked. The one-hitters come in a box, often shaped like a jar, designed for the discreet enjoyment of marijuana.

17. Rose joints

Rose paper joints are joints rolled up in rose petals rather than rolling papers. These rose joints can add a floral and herbaceous note to the terpene profile of marijuana, which some find quite attractive. The pink joints can also avoid rolling papers commercially produced, often mixed with chemical carcinogens and products. Also, they can be gorgeous.

18. Can of Soda

It’s surprisingly easy to make pipes out of a wide variety of household items – even trash! A soda can pipe to make and a great way to get a second use of your discarded cans. Making an indentation in the can with your thumbs to take on a slightly ship-like appearance, create a series of holes – perhaps ten or more – using a narrow, sharp object, such as a pin.

It’s the bowl in which you will place your dried bud. Next, along with the can, make another larger hole using a screwdriver – this is the inhalation point. All you need now is a lighter, and you have a new (well, something like that) pipe at your disposal.

19. Pipa steamroller

The main distinguishing feature of a steamroller pipe is the size of the carburetor hole. Because this hole is so much larger than other pipes, it provides a lot more smoke. The steamrollers are not necessarily for beginners or for those who are sensitive to smoke. They can be harsh, but they allow you to inhale a much larger dose of cannabinoids. And due to the short distance of the pipe, very little smoke is wasted, which also ends up being a savings measure.

20. Thai Stick (Thai Chopsticks)

The Thai sticks are visually appealing and provide a good dose of cannabis, thanks to the healing process. This method of smoking marijuana has been around for centuries. It takes dedication but gives an impressive result, especially thanks to the curing process that increases the potency of the marijuana. Typically, dried marijuana buds are placed on a toothpick the size of a toothbrush, covered in hash oil. The entire stick is then wrapped in fresh marijuana leaves and soaked with more hash oil. The stick heals for a week or even months.

21. Foil

Aluminum foil is a versatile and malleable material, but it can achieve a sturdy shape, making it a good material for makeshift pipes. This tutorial shows step-by-step instructions for making your aluminum foil pipe.

Note that this pipe should not be used more than once, as the chemicals on the surface of the aluminum foil will be released each time it is heated. So think of an aluminum foil pipe as an emergency option.

22. Cannabis Smoking Wooden Pipe

Pipes are made from a wide variety of materials. The most common are glass, and if you’ve ever been to a marijuana store, they dominate the shelves. However, there are wooden pipes, and they have a great advantage: they are much more durable than glass or stone ones so that you can take them with you anywhere. It is important to keep your wooden pipes net and clean. Because wood is porous and absorbs odors, and can easily be gummed up with resin, make sure the pipe is clean. A clean pipe will produce smoke that flavors better.