If you want to keep your marijuana as long as possible and without losing quality, you must keep the marijuana in the best possible condition. Now, we will bring you the best tips to keep your weed for long periods, like the first day. When you buy your first cannabis seeds in bulk or feminized, indeed, you have thought that growing is a piece of cake, but it is not like that. To have your weed ready to smoke, you will have to do more than buy a grow tent and plant the seeds since you will also have to polish, dry. In this post, we come to explain how to store marijuana long-term so that you can enjoy your buds just as fresh and delicious as the first day and that they do not lose effect!

Indeed you have ever bought marijuana, and they have given it to you in a plastic bag for more comfortable transport. But storing marijuana in a bag is not the best idea unless you like to smoke dry and brittle weed. It does not matter if you grow marijuana or buy it by weight. Still, if you store the herb for a while, you must do it well, so if you want to store marijuana in the long term without losing any property, I recommend that you read what we will tell you continuation.

How long time does marijuana stay fresh?

I can assure you that it is not the same to store weed in one way or another, even if you have grown the best-feminized marijuana and have all your production-ready to smoke. If you do not keep it well, you can go to hell. You will lose all that precious treasure just for not knowing how to take care of it. The most normal thing is that if you store marijuana well, it can stay in good condition for about 6 months, although if you use methods to store marijuana in the long term, you can keep it safe for up to 1 year.

The points to consider when storing marijuana are light, humidity and heat. The container is also another great pillar since it will dry if you leave it in plastic bags. The buds must be kept in good condition, as when we store a good wine. Keep in mind that if cannabis is stored in a humid place, it can end up taking the mold, while if it is dried too much, it will lose flavor.

Factors to Consider for Cannabis Storage

If you have collected a good crop of buds, you must know how to store them. To do this, you will have to consider several factors and understand how they can affect your herb. The key factors to take into account are:

Humidity is a crucial factor.

It’s a critical point that you will have already considered when drying the herb since your buds’ mold depends on the humidity. Maintaining the right humidity level will prevent your buds from getting moldy, but what humidity level do they need to be? The idea is to keep the buds at 54% – 63% humidity since if there is a higher level of moisture, the buds could fill with mold, and if there is little moisture, the grass would dry out and lose properties.

Keep your weed at Ideal temperatures.

Temperature is another of the significant points to consider when storing marijuana. If you want your cannabis not to lose potency or develop mold, you must keep it at a suitable temperature. If you store your weed in a warm place, it could develop mold and dry out the buds and reduce their potency. 

Storing your buds in a cold place will slow down the degeneration of THC and thus the potency of the herb.  The fittest way to store cannabis is in a cool place, approximately between 20ºC and 25ºC. 

Keep Away Weed from Light

You must make sure to store the herb in a dark place since if you expose the buds to light, it will decompose its THC and make it lose potency. Another problem with exposing cannabis to light is that it will affect the trichomes, that resin that sticks to your fingers while managing your weed.

Best containers for storing weed

As you have seen, it is essential to keep marijuana in a cool, dark place with a humidity level between 55% and 64 %. Now the question is, where do I keep the weed?

To store your buds, you can use airtight containers of glass, as this will ensure that humidity and air do not load your harvest. It’s also essential to fill your jars about 3/4 full to avoid having too much air in the pot. Following this rule, you will decide what size of jars to buy, but we recommend 1L or 1.5L jars for their capacity and ease of transport. 

Another solution for long-term weed storage is vacuum seal jars. Using vacuum sealers for the packaging machine removes air from the bag’s inside. Moreover, it is heat-sealed, which will allow us to store our herb for as long as we want.

Less efficient options for storing marijuana 

Storing weed in plastic bags

Unquestionably you’ve ever come home with cannabis in a bag and left it there. Don’t apprehension. You are not the only one, as it is one of the most common ways to store cannabis, but not the most effective. Using plastic bags to store marijuana will affect the heat and light and accumulate more moisture. Another big problem is that these bags generate static electricity, which will cause the grass to break down and stick to the pack walls.  

These factors will cause an excellent THC to be lost and the smoke to be of lower quality.

Is it a good idea to freeze marijuana? 

You may have ever heard that by freezing cannabis, you can keep it for as long as you want, but I’m sorry to tell you that it is not.  By freezing it, you will be favoring the appearance of bacteria due to the contrast in temperatures. Another big problem is that the trichomes will turn into small icicles, which will make your weedless powerful and lose quality. 

The ideal way to store marijuana

If you want your marijuana to last longer, take out a pen and paper because I will explain the ideal way to store it. Pick an airtight glass jar and load it with buds until it takes up ¾ of the total. Now store the pot in a cool, dark place, away from any surrounding heat sources. 

Another tip that I will tell you about at the end of this post is to have two cans: one to store most of the weed and another to have more on hand and take what we want to smoke every day.

The best tricks for storing marijuana

Before, you have seen what factors influence the storage of marijuana and the best way to store it, but now I will give you the best tips to keep your buds as fresh as the first day.

Control humidity at will

The Vault envelopes are the best way to keep your crop at optimum moisture level since these envelopes will control your grass’s humidity without making a significant investment. These envelopes have a duration of between 1 and 4 months, but they can last more or less depending on the air. That’s why it would be best to have two cans: in one, we keep most of the weed we want to store, and in a smaller one, we are taking out some weed to smoke and handle the big potless.

Handle as little as possible

Not everyone considers it, but if you manipulate the herb too much, you will lose terpenes and quality, so the ideal thing is to leave it in the pot and not access it too much.  For correct storage of cannabis, you can use, for example, a Regular Cookies Jar. You can store your marijuana in separate compartments. It’s the ideal option if you have several large cans of marijuana and want to have some different weed, so you don’t handle the storage cans too often.