This article is within our series dedicated to risk reduction. From Natural Experience, we do not intend or recommend the consumption of marijuana edibles. We give theoretical guidelines at an informative level. Consuming or preparing marijuana edibles, also called edibles, is often challenging to make an adequate dosage. We will focus on the theory about what Cannabis edibles consist of. Moreover, we will talk about what factors you should consider for their dosage.

Marijuana Edibles What are they and what are they used for?

Marijuana edibles are preparations derived from Cannabis and with the presence of cannabinoids ingested for different purposes. In many cases, these purposes are medicinal, as there are many users of this type of Cannabis who prefer not to smoke and choose to consume Marijuana edibles instead.

However, marijuana edibles are also very popular with recreational users. First of all, because as we will see later, the effects are powerful and long-lasting. Besides, other factors, such as discretion, are a much more discreet method for consuming Cannabis products when smoking it.

Consuming marijuana edibles is an entirely different process than smoking it. It is quite likely to be wrong with the dosage, and either feel anything, or the effects are too powerful. To do this, read on to learn more about the dosage of edible Cannabis.

How Long Do Marijuana Edibles Take To Effect?

As we have said, marijuana edibles and smoked Marijuana work differently. When smoking or vaporizing, the effects are practically immediate, so it is possible to regulate better when is a good time to quit smoking.

It’s not so with edible Marijuana. When marijuana edibles are consumed, the effects are not felt immediately, so there are no indicators to stop when you are satisfied. It means that Marijuana has to be dosed to control the effects a priori.

It is simply because the human body needs to go through the entire process of digestion and metabolism before THC enters the bloodstream. The liver will participate in the processing of marijuana edibles before the brain feels psychoactive effects.

As each has a different metabolism speed, different weight, etc., it may differ from one person to another. While a friend may not feel the effects for two to three hours, you may be high after in as little as an hour.


Because the effects take longer to show when consuming marijuana edibles, it is always important to remember to go slowly. There is always time to consume more, but it is impossible to un-eat what you have already consumed. Regret is widespread among people who refuse to slow down for the first time when consuming marijuana edibles, do not sin excessively;)

For example, if you make cookies, start with a half cookie and measure how you feel. If you make your marijuana edibles, you will know exactly how many milligrams of Cannabis are in each serving. If a friend has cooked them, make sure they know how much Marijuana is in the preparation.

It doesn’t matter if you use marijuana edibles therapeutically or recreationally; always go slowly. Even using medical Marijuana can lead to an unpleasant, strong high if you don’t do it correctly and slowly, especially if we don’t know the edible Cannabis concentration.

The potency of Marijuana Edibles

When Marijuana is made into edibles, it takes on a super-concentrated form, a concentration much higher than that of dried Marijuana smoked. ThusThus, it is straightforward to ingest more Marijuana than you want, which can complicate the task of correctly dosing edibles.

In general, the edible dose of Marijuana is usually 10 MG, although this same amount can affect differently depending on the person. So experiment with a dose around this figure and start to notice the effects. If you see that you need more, you can go up the dose and vice versa.

A good aspect of Marijuana is that you cannot die from an overdose. That said, it is incredibly unpleasant to take too much Marijuana in one sitting. Sometimes a brownie or cookie contains two or three doses of Marijuana, so even starting with only part of the edible can be a great idea.

As with alcohol, your body’s response to edible marijuana use will vary depending on how much you have recently eaten. If you’ve just eaten, the effects of edible marijuana won’t have as strong an impact on you. However, if your stomach is empty, it will hit you much harder.

It is better to go the way of eating before. In this way, you try to make a meal and then taste an edible, not eat an edible, and then the food. Unlike alcohol, eating after consuming a marijuana edible can strengthen the effects rather than relieve them.

Edibles Instructions for Use

If, fortunately, in your country, the consumption of marijuana edibles is legal and you have bought one, it must have a container and an information label. However, because Marijuana is still illegal in most of the world, there is a certain lack of standardization and consistency and a lack of auditing of these products and how they affect people. It makes the correct dosage even more difficult for the consumer.

Therefore, always try to read the label carefully to determine how much Marijuana is in that brownie or cookie, and then determine how much you should eat it. Of course, not all labels will have this indicated, and this is because marijuana groceries are not yet a standardized industry.

For this reason, if you can opt for dispensary edibles, you should choose to buy those with clear labels and good packaging. It indicates a certain degree of commitment from the company to strive for its quality and consistency.

Don’t give in to peer pressure.

We are not saying that you should not trust friends when consuming marijuana edibles. Instead, please don’t give in to peer pressure when it comes to eating marijuana edibles. If you have a friend who brags about having four pot brownies, you should not consider it an invitation to compete.

Instead, trust what you know about your own body and what makes marijuana use fun for you. Although a friend is likely to end up high, each person usually has a different spin level that they are comfortable with, something much better than the ill-advised Cannabis endurance competitions.

It would help if you did not ignore what your own body is telling you. If something doesn’t feel right, remember what and how much you ate next time to try not to make the same mistake twice. You have to consider certain aspects such as sex, age, and weight since these can make a difference in how the body is affected by edible Marijuana and how quickly they start to feel the effects.

Finding the Right Dose

A smoker who has smoked Marijuana regularly for years can consider himself an “experienced” veteran of the cannabis world and will not be afraid to try marijuana edibles for the first time. However, a high tolerance for smoking marijuana will not translate into a high tolerance for eating Marijuana. It is a vital lesson to learn.

It doesn’t matter who you are. If it’s your first time using Marijuana, it’s always best to start small. Tolerance for smoking marijuana comes from the lungs, and edibles won’t even touch the lungs because they are utterly dependent on the stomach.

The lining of the stomach does not have the high number of membranes that the lungs have, which means that the high will be much more intense than a high from smoking marijuana. If you want to go somewhere after eating edible Marijuana, it is better not to ask someone to drive you or take a taxi because it is not safe to drive.

Consume Groceries in Safe Environments

When trying marijuana edibles, especially the first time, you should do it in the company of people you trust. When experiencing psychoactive effects, it is always convenient to have a friend close by to share the experience, laughter, happiness, and, in the worst case, the unpleasant high. That way, they can help you get through it more comfortably. They can also help you remember exactly how many gummy bears, cookies, or chocolate bars you’ve eaten. Besides, how it affected you, so you have more accurate information for next time.

Where you consume Marijuana, edibles are equally relevant. If a higher dose is tried, being at home is probably the best bet, as it will allow you to go to bed when needed.

Excess Marijuana Edibles

Going overboard with marijuana edibles has happened to many people at some point. So, firstly, you have to try not to panic. Luckily, no one has died from a marijuana overdose, and neither will you. All that can be done at this time is to continue to breathe normally and be as relaxed as possible. Take note of precisely how much, and what you have eaten this time, so you don’t feel so miserable later. 

Ultimately, the struggle to find the right dosage pays off when it comes to marijuana edibles.

Some people don’t like the experience of smoking, while others cannot smoke and need Marijuana for medicinal purposes. In any of these cases or many other examples, edible Marijuana is the best alternative.