Ice Cream Cake

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14 reviews for Ice Cream Cake

  1. Aaron

    Great smell. effects body high,head high From wellness connection of Portland Maine $340 oz

  2. Brayden

    damn it…. This Ice Cream Cake is so tasty and frosty that even the gorilla is smoking it with me

  3. Julian

    I have also had several strokes and this strain heightens my season to almost normal. Ice Cream Cake 4 is is great strain. My Doc says 2 buds a day keeps the strokes away and so far so good!

  4. Nicholas

    I give this a straight up 5 stars…. My first! The taste is like no other, from beginning to end. Tight, beautiful buds loaded with Thrichs. If you see it? Get some!!

  5. Owen

    ICC and I have an interesting relationship. This strain brought out a side of me never experienced before. If I have a way to channel my energy with this strain I am fine. If I dont I get terrible anxiety. Overwhelming high yet extremely creative.

  6. Jordan

    Just got done with a “Pepsi Challenge” to see if I could pick out Ice Cream Cake 4 from 4 other strains. Not even close. Picked it every time. The smell the touch the taste is so distinct that nothing comes close.

  7. Evan

    Totally glued to the couch, I love Ice Cream Cake#4 it’s a perfect great hybrid! Straight ☡☡☡☡☡, be prepared when you get the true stuff my friends! 😤😤😤.

  8. Brandon

    This is a miracle strain for bipolar depression with anxiety. Super happy, yet calming.

  9. Carter

    Great smell Great flavor Hard high but not debilitating. Makes your lips loose and mouth dry lol. Good lasting high.

  10. Isaiah

    I really like the taste and creativity but sometimes its too much. If you can handle it enjoy but I seriously suggest you consume with caution.

  11. Jack

    Aptly named. This strain takes you on a trip to the jungles of the Congo. You enjoy the lush, green scenery and feel the pulse of distant drums in your chest.

  12. Wyatt

    Very sticky very pungent. Your bet bet is to grind up and smoke in a nice clean glass bowl. Joints are good too. A relaxed feeling. Several spine reconstruction surgeries and tired of opiates and this does the trick.

  13. Luke

    Ice Cream Cake number 4 is definitely a chillaxing high. I just got some in Holland Michigan and it is very dense a light shade of green and very resume. Definitely we’ll want a grinder. This will definitely have to be in my top 5 favorite buds!

  14. Tyler

    As the name suggests, you feel like your mind and eyes get “Ice Cream Cake”…. You basically become Forest Whitaker. That said, LOVE it. Very calming and relaxing. Definitely will plant you to a couch.

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