London Pound Cake

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  1. An indica-dominant hybrid from the breeders at California-based Cookies Fam Genetics, London Pound Cake is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and an unknown hybrid strain (the breeders have kept the strain’s true lineage under wraps). With a THC content of nearly 30 percent, this potent strain is definitely for more seasoned cannabis consumers—but for the experienced smoker, this strain not only smells and tastes great, with hints of berry, lemon, and pine, but also produces a unique high, with immediate cerebral effects followed by a more relaxing (and sometimes sleepiness-inducing)body high.
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14 reviews for London Pound Cake

  1. Colton

    Was a good day time smoke when you still need to be alert but need pain relief. I only smoked a small amount and was relaxed but had energy to get things accomplished. I wouldn’t recommend smoking a large amount until you know how you will respond.

  2. Sebastian

    I can just hang on the couch or I could be out running around. wonderful aroma and smokes so nice.

  3. Blake

    Everyone’s saying it’s London Pound Cake bc they’re glued to the couch which is definitely true but every time I get this strain it’s sooooo sticky like you literally had elmer’s glue on your fingers one of my my favorites with blue dream grandaddy purp and LPC

  4. Kevin

    What do I think about this strain??? I think I wish I had more than a gram of it!! haha. In all seriousness, this is an all around great flower.

  5. Jason

    Holly cow!! Very potent medicine. This is a very good med for pain, but not one for daytime use if you have anything to get done. This is not one I’d recommend for beginners. All this said, if you figure out your dosage’s, you can function on GG. Just a very strong strain….

  6. Levi

    Damn I’m high school high. Super strong at 29% here in Oregon. Would smoke again but need to be prepared! Really special pot

  7. Ayden

    Earthy taste, knocked me out. Could not do much after

  8. Chase

    U absolutely cannot go wrong wit London Pound Cake its potent af with a very sedating high 🍃🍃🍃🍃🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨💨 top five favorite

  9. Ian

    Not as good as the original London Pound Cake #1

  10. Robert

    Wow this strain is strong. Harsh going down and made me cough. But who cares b/c it’s great!

  11. Jose

    Wow! London Pound Cake with hints of coffee, chocolate, and moist, deep earth blanket the nose and palate while a heavy dose of energizing THC combines with its entourage of other cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver a stress-melting jacuzzi of bliss to the head and body.

  12. Thomas

    Ha-ha! First strain I tried thought my good friend ripped me off for a moment, but as time passed it hit me like a truck coming out of nowhere great strain a must try.

  13. Charles

    Just another OG based strain. Nothing special here. Good cannabis. Just doesn’t live up to all the hype surrounding it.

  14. Zachary

    First weed I ever purchased when I got my Rec, really fun time for me, then again I didn’t have any tolerance whatsoever lol. Anyway, great high for social situations or just Chillin. Major munchies!

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