Pruning Marijuana: Types of Pruning, How to Do It, Care

In today’s article, we will explain the importance of pruning marijuana, the types of procedures to prune Marijuana, why it is so important, and how to prune marijuana plants. Many of you, readers, ask what types of marijuana pruning exist and what each consists of are. That’s why we bring this blog for you to quench your thirst for information. I hope you enjoy it.

Prune Marijuana Why is it so Important?

Pruning Marijuana is a process that can bring many benefits to growing Marijuana. When we proceed to prune Marijuana, we compensate for the energy level that the plant allocates to each of its resources. On the one hand, the leaves are essential for taking nutrients and light and its fruits, the buds.

The fruits of the plant require a lot of effort to grow to the point we want. We remove leaves from the plant when pruning marijuana. It or has to allocate energy in this part and focus all its efforts on creating a huge central bud.

What to Achieve with Pruning Marijuana?

This is achieved by ” tricking ” the plant. It identifies that the highest point of the plant is the central point. When pruning the Marijuana, we indicate that this central part has to be helped to grow more, the plant realizes this, and as a result, we obtain a larger central bud.

By pruning the Marijuana, we also allow the light to penetrate other plant areas that it did not reach. With this, we can favor the growth of parts of the marijuana plant in a dark area.

So the importance of pruning marijuana lies precisely in that we can direct the plant’s energy towards a specific purpose. In this case, obtain higher bud production, with greater resin and better organoleptic properties.

What is Pruning Marijuana?

As you may have deduced, pruning marijuana consists of extracting leaves from the plant so that the plant transfers its energy to the creation of larger marijuana buds. Besides, it also serves to clear certain parts of the plant, which were in the shade. Moreover, it makes the light penetrate properly to grow in an optimized way.


How to Prune Marijuana Plants: Common Typologies

When talking about pruning Marijuana, almost everyone comes to mind these fundamental classes: apical pruning, FIM, lolly popping or LST, among others. These last two are usually framed in the actions of causing stress to Marijuana to gain in production. The truth is that pruning is essential that, a type of action that alters ( stresses ) some natural pattern of marijuana growth to increase production.

You can find a clarification of what these and more ways to prune marijuana consist of. Each one is designed to achieve different objectives and for different types of plants:

Apical Topping Pruning

Pruning Marijuana apically may seem extreme at first, but don’t be afraid to do it. To prune the Marijuana apically, you must cut the central tip of the Marijuana. In this way, you get a fork in the center of the plant’s trunk in a Greek Y shape.

It helps the plant stop vertical growth, so we send more energy to the lateral branches. It is perfect if what we want is to obtain branched plants with a low height. Pruning Marijuana apically is perfect in situations where you don’t want your plants to grow to the ceiling.

This apical technique to prune Marijuana is usually done with a Scrog, where having more vertical branches helps make this technique adequate. It is an ideal marijuana pruning technique if we plant long flowering plants and outdoors. It will also be useful to control the height of the plants.

How and when to do apical pruning?

  1. Recognize the area where the Marijuana needs to be pruned. The normal thing is to prune it when the plant is still small. We will do it from the third leaf node. We will have to cut the central stem leaving three pairs of branches on the trunk. It is important to do it in the vegetative growth phase, where the plant has a reinforced structure.
  2. IF a hole appears where you have cut the branch, it is best to cover it so that no particles are introduced to be damaged when pruning the Marijuana. A little candle wax is perfect.
  3. We will have to wait until the rest of the boats grow and it is identified as the central branch. In this way, after pruning the Marijuana, the plant will distribute the production that it was going to give in a single tip into two different tips.
  4. We can repeat this process of pruning the apical Marijuana to have the largest number of branches that the plant identifies as central, with a greater proliferation of buds. Indoors, at most, can do this technique of apical pruning up to 2 times, while outdoors, we can do it up to 7 times.
  5. Prune marijuana FIM.

This technique of pruning marijuana is similar to the topping. It’s because, in both techniques, it is necessary to cut the upper shoot. However, there are differences because instead of extracting the entire shoot, we will cut 80% of it. In this way, we leave a part of the bud and that gap that we had to cover when pruning the apical Marijuana does not appear.

How to do apical pruning?

  1. The first step in pruning your Marijuana apical will be to find the third node of the plant. Next, you will have to make a cut to extract 80% of the central shoot, leaving 20% ​​of the new node.
  2. The next step to prune Marijuana will be to wait for the plant to recover. If the plant has a long growth, it is possible to do this technique up to 3 times. It is perfect for outdoor crops that we want to camouflage.
  3. If, at the time of pruning the Marijuana, you notice that the concentration of buds begins to appear in the lateral areas of the plant, you can extract a leaf or branch to concentrate the production in the central bud.
  4. Pruning the Low Branches of Marijuana (Lollipopping)

We have just seen the techniques of pruning Marijuana in its upper zones. But there are pruning techniques that seek precisely the opposite, cutting the low branches to concentrate the production at the tip, also known as lollipop pink.

Thus, varieties of Marijuana, such as Critical, grow in the shape of a cypress. We should not cut the central shoot for these varieties but rather try to concentrate production in this central part. To do this, we must prune the Marijuana from the branches on the side for the light to penetrate appropriately, resulting in a lollipop-like plant.

As the buds that come out in the lower part of the plant are usually of inferior quality, since the light does not affect as much, what we ensure by pruning lollipop pink Marijuana is better bud production. As the light shines evenly, the production result is also homogeneous. They are getting rid of those open buds from the lower areas of the plant.

How to Lollipopping?

  1. First, we will examine the plant areas that are not well lit and anticipate less dense buds. This or we will do before the plant enters flowering.
  2. Next, we prune the Marijuana by removing these parts, taking care not to damage the plant areas we want to leave. It shouldn’t more than 50% of the plant.
  3. Prune LST Marijuana

The LST (Low-Stress Training ) is a way of pruning Marijuana by guiding the growth of Marijuana through guides. Again, the objective is to bring the light to the plant areas we want to optimize by bending the plant branches using twine. The part where you will have to prune the Marijuana will be in the maintenance.

This technique of pruning marijuana aims to increase the growth of the secondary branches and increase the total exposure of the plant to light. It generates large and uniform buds spread out in the lower parts of the plant instead of creating a marijuana tail in its central part. It is the perfect method to prune Marijuana to make the most of the light that falls on the plant.

The LST is an excellent way to hide a marijuana plant that can be seen in an outdoor grow, for example. In this way, the marijuana plant acquires a curious appearance, much more horizontal and large tails of Marijuana full of homogeneous buds. When leaves or branches appear that could obstruct the light, we will have to prune the Marijuana in these parts.

How and when to do an LST?

  1. To prune LST marijuana, start by bending the main stem until the apical dominance is broken and that it can be malleable towards the side to which we want to orient the plant. You will have to do this when the plant is vegetative since it will be more comfortable.
  2. For the plant to have horizontal growth, you will have to tie it with zip ties to the pot’s edge. Establishing the base form in which the plant will grow.
  3. You will have to make sure that the new branches that will grow vertically are homogeneous and grow at the same height.
  4. In general, it is a technique that requires a lot of maintenance since you must guide the plant’s growth so that the light falls as best as possible.
  5. Enjoy its rich and exquisite results.
  6. Prune the Marijuana to the Pizzicato

This technique of pruning marijuana consists of crushing the central shoots of each branch of the plant with your fingers. With this technique, we favor developing the plant’s lateral branches by slowing down its vertical growth. This gives the plant a shape similar to that of a bush.

When you prune Marijuana in this way, the plant will need a few days to heal and form a lump where you pinched the bud and continue its normal growth. It is a good way to obtain a plant of homogeneous height, which will increase the quantity and quality of the final production.

This technique requires experience, and the more you use it, the more effective you will be with it. When you have done it a couple of times or more, you will quickly get on with this way of pruning Marijuana with pinches or pizzicato due to its similarity with the musical technique.

How to Pinch Marijuana?

  1. To do this method of pinching the Marijuana, we will have to locate each branch’s central shoots and pinch them without breaking them to keep the shoots on the sides intact.
  2. To do this, we must press with the thumb and index finger delicately until we hear the sprout make a slight crunch.
  3. We will have to repeat this process of pruning the Marijuana on the stem of the plant’s upper node during growth.
  4. Prune Marijuana: Super Cropping

This technique of pruning Supercropping marijuana does not imply cuts either. Still, in this case, we will have to redirect the plants’ growth by crunching them, promoting the branches’ vertical growth closest to the central stem.

In this way, apical pruning is not the only way to prune Marijuana favoring the branching of the Marijuana. This technique does not use cuts but is categorized as a way to prune Marijuana by manipulating its structure to obtain better yields.

This technique of pruning marijuana involves the breaking of plant fibers to correct the plant’s growth using bridles. We must be careful when exerting pressure to bend the stem since if we go too far, we can break it completely.

How to Super Cropping?

  1. First of all, to do this way of pruning marijuana, you will have to select the branches you want to bend.
  2. Hold the branch with your thumb and forefinger and begin to bend the branch slightly to break up the surface fibers.
  3. Bend the branch into the desired position and secure it with a zip tie to the soil’s surface or pot.
  4. If you see that the branch has been too loose, you can always reinforce it with a little adhesive tape.
  5. Prune RIB Marijuana

We leave this way of pruning Marijuana for last because it is not 100% a pruning technique. Rather, we have to burn the marijuana plant with the lights. Yes, you heard correctly, this way of pruning marijuana consists of burning the buds’ pistils on the upper part of the plant, generating a kind of plant cancer.

These cell walls remain burned, causing your cells to multiply. As a consequence, new shoots are created that will produce buds without leaves. This favors an increase in the quantity and quality of the harvest.

It is recommended to prune Marijuana using the RIB (Ready, I burn) method in Sativa / Indica hybrids with long blooms since this type of pruning is done on flowering plants.

How to Prune RIB Marijuana?

  1. We will have to wait for the plant to be in the flowering stage, at least about 20 days, being ideal that they take up to 60 days of flowering.
  2. With a lighter, we proceed to burn the upper pistils of the plant. Always careful to overdo it.
  3. We will have to wait for the plant to activate the hormones that will react by massively repopulating these affected areas. Leading to massive productions.

Conclusion of Pruning Marijuana

The method you use to prune the Marijuana does not matter. It would help if you always did it with care and respecting the plant since otherwise, all the work will have been useless. And most importantly, we will have spoiled the entire production. When it comes to pruning marijuana, do it carefully. Take your time finding the places on the plant where it is best to prune.

It is a process that is perfected with experience. Now, you know how to prune marijuana plants, and it’s benefits. You are not going to become a master of Marijuana pruning the first day. But little by little, you will see how the good results come true, and your plants grow healthier and offer higher yields.